||^___^ They're baaacccckk... Soon o.o||


29 Jun 2005|02:06pm
Well, a REMARKABLE thing has happened, as of april 24th, I have gotten a job, and as of today I HAVE QUIT MY JOB! ^___^ YAY NO MORE BAGLES! Ahem, anyway. I got a job to raise money so i could.... GO TO JAPAN!!! ^_^ SCHOOL TRIP W00T! Nicole also did the same and she is coming too (but her job was much worse, stupid dry cleaners) So, we decided we missed you guys and now with life becoming unbusy again, were going to come back ^_^ so! When we return from japan on July 17th, WE WILL FINNALY DO THE GIRLS CONTEST! (STILL ACCEPTING ENTRIES :D)



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||Week 16// theme + Submission||


22 Apr 2005|03:56pm
Well this one may be a bit harder than usual...(jk)


:D do with it what you will! The icon must have something to do with the actual theme. Icons are due by Friday,
4/29/05 8pm(EST). To submit, reply normally to this screened post with the image and URL of your icon


Series: Fruits Basket

Please make your icons "fresh" for this contest, and do not use them in ANY OTHER contests.

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||Week 15// WINNERS||


22 Apr 2005|03:52pm
mood | guilty

...I am Very sorry.

My life has been so crazy... Meap test... Over load of japanese homework, peer mentoring field tripp planning... I deserve to be punched for makign you all wait so long...

I decided it was unfair to make you wait any longer so I have finally updated. Me and Nicole had a long discussion and decided that in order to stop being late we need to remove the stressors that cause us to be late in the first place... SO.

----Voting will now be determined by POLL
----The winners post will no longer list the names of the runner ups

... Sorry... We want to keep this community going but with my part time job and her family situation it is hard to bring ourselves to the computer. I Love seeing the entered icons, and watching the votes, but the HTML.... BIG HASSLE since LJ has different HTML rules.

Anyway, If you choose to forgive us... Winners under cut ...

Chibi-Licious!Collapse )

-..~~*~I'm in charge of banners this week.~*~~..-


Sorry.... I Hope you will forgive
us =(

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||WEEK 11+14 BANNERS||


02 Apr 2005|09:02pm

OK!I FINALLY Finished my share of the banners. Lets give Nicole some encouragement!

WEEK 11// SleepCollapse )
WEEK 14// WaterCollapse )

^_^ If there are any errors, please contact me. Enjoy!

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||Week 15//Vote||


02 Apr 2005|08:10pm

FINNALLY! We got all the entries :D

We have 15 great entries to chose from! Voting ends Sunday at 6pm(EST). You may vote for up to 3

Chibi!Collapse )

^_^;; Happy voting!

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